Stars’n’Bars supports the National Pact on Energy Transition

 July 6, 2018

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Stars’n’Bars supports the National Pact on Energy Transition, whose goal is to reduce Monaco’s carbon impact by half before 2030. Everyone who lives or works in Monaco can help by committing to simple eco- actions to reduce waste and cut energy use. Here’s a fun way to show your support.”

I pledge, How about you?

For the last 2 years, Stars’n’Bars has developed several ecological approaches both internally with its staff and externally with its customers. This time, the Stars’n’Bars addresses all the establishments of the Principality of Monaco, with its operation #OnSengageEtVous?

The principle is simple:

Choose an Eco-gest for a sustainable future:

1. Film yourself
2. Tag / Nominate 5 people or companies to do the same thing
3. Post on social networks with the hashtag:

#OnSengageAndYou? #Ecohub #IPledgeAndYou?

On the same principle as the Ice Bucket Challenge, Stars’n’Bars has decided to nominate:

Arielle Barrabino from the Directorate of Communication, Estelle Antognelli from Monaco Tourism and Congress, Marie Gisèle Fringant from the Crédit Agricole Business Center, Robert Calcagno from the Oceanographic Museum and Auriane Pertuisot from the Prince Albert II Foundation. Who in turn will nominate 5 more people.

This campaign will aim to raise the awareness of economic actors and the public, about simple eco-citizen actions to make a difference.

I pledge, How about you?

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