A betting scam to launder counterfeit money

 June 19, 2018

Photo via Hello Monaco



“It was a well-oiled cunning plan to defraud casinos.” – reports HelloMonaco.com

Mix good 100 euro notes with false ones. Then exchange them for chips to play roulette. Bet on red and black a few times to allay suspicion. Then go back and cash in the chips. Hey Presto counterfeit notes become real. And it worked at one of the casinos in Monaco.

No small change – over 350 counterfeit 100 euro notes mixed with 150 good ones were exchanged by an aristocratic Indian from Dubai and a young Russian lady accomplice.

Of course it came to light the next day when the Casino carefully checked their cash. Criminals seem oblivious to the advanced video-surveillance at the casinos and the trail of evidence they leave.

Enquiries at the hotel where the Indian had stayed gave the detectives on the trail sufficient information to await an opportunity to arrest him. And the opportunity came when as often happens he came to try his luck one time too many.

Arrested and hauled into court – the usual defence in such cases is the counterfeit notes must have come from a currency exchange bureau and he was unaware they were false.

In addition, he tried to shift the focus onto his lady accomplice who he said he had fired after she robbed him. Unluckily for him the Court found a record of the same ploy carried out in the casino in Salzburg, Austria with his identity captured by the video-surveillance. Premeditated organized crime leads to prison – up to two years. Crime indeed does not pay, except with jail time.

Originally published by Olga Taran at HelloMonaco.com


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