Monaco Detectives Track down a Luxury Car Thief

 June 18, 2018

Monaco's court
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“Hard to believe you can steal a top of the range car from a display outside a car-sales showroom.” – reports

A young man did it with outrageous nerve. Going to a Monaco car sales-showroom he stole the keys to a superb car on display outside, got in the car and drove off, crashing through the exit barrier as he did so. Even though he was not apprehended, as luck would have it, the car ran out of gas near Nice.

The young criminal had attempted to fill it at a gas station but had to exit quickly when observed trying to make the gas pump work without money. This is where some expert detective work by Monaco detectives blazed a trail to find the thief.

Fingerprints and DNA samples were lifted from the stolen car. They matched with criminal records of a youth living in the wild with nine prior convictions for theft.

Good sleuthing and the youth apprehended. He is facing the possibility of a year in jail and a 2000 euro fine. A small mystery – a car worth around 200.000 euros equipped with state of the art ant-theft and GPS.

How did the criminal manage to defeat the anti-theft system and not be tracked by satellite?

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