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 April 21, 2018

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A signing ceremony was held at the Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG) for the National Pact on Energy Transition.  The aim for the establishment is to commit to a carbon-neutral Monaco.

In his speech, Jean-Luc Nguyen, Director of the Mission for Energy Transition, recalled the great importance of this project, which was wished for and is supported by H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince.  Emphasising that this signing follows on directly from the actions that the CHPG has been undertaking for many years, he paid tribute to the dynamism and motivation, and, more generally, the commitment that this “Green Hospital” has made to sustainable development and energy transition (for more information, see the attached fact sheet).


A. Raising awareness

  • Annual audit of infectious and other hazardous clinical waste carried out in conjunction with Princess Grace Hospital teams and the service provider:
    The aim of this audit is to raise employee awareness of the need to sort clinical and domestic waste in order to limit the amount of hospital waste sent to the incinerator in Nice, reduce the costs associated with this waste, and limit transport by road.
  • Annual course on waste for IFSI students (hospital waste and waste sorting within the hospital):
    This course is aimed at first-year students at the Institute of Nurse Training (IFSI) in order to raise their awareness of waste issues.

B. Creating new recovery streams

  • Introduction of blue office bins:
    The administrative teams have been supplied with bins for collecting paper so that it can be recycled. Shredders are also available for the disposal of confidential documents.
  • Introduction of containers and posters to promote waste sorting in the common areas and canteen at Princess Grace Hospital:
    Princess Grace Hospital has yellow containers located in common areas and in the canteen so that employees and visitors can help to recycle cans, plastic bottles and juice cartons.
  • Introduction of recycling at Résidence du Cap Fleuri:
    The Résidence du Cap Fleuri retirement home has sorted paper, glass and plastic waste since 2016. This practice has now been extended to organic waste, leading to the installation of a dryer for processing biodegradable waste.
  • Signature of an agreement between Princess Grace Hospital Maternity Department and its supplier to recycle single-use baby bottles:
    Princess Grace Hospital regularly asks its suppliers to handle their own waste. In the Maternity Department, single-use baby bottles are collected by the supplier to make it easier to recycle them.
  • Signature of an agreement between Princess Grace Hospital and its supplier to recycle printer consumables:
    Printer consumables are collected by an accredited organisation.

C. Reducing the quantity of waste produced

  • Introduction of water fountains:
    Princess Grace Hospital has so far installed 35 water fountains in its various departments to reduce consumption of plastic bottles (cut by 25,000 in a year). More than 1,500 reusable bottles have been distributed to employees in order to decrease the use of plastic cups.
  • Reducing food waste by offering a variety of options to patients and staff; and by an awareness campaign encouraging staff to return for second helpings in the canteen, rather than automatically filling their plates.
  • Adopting responsible consumption habits: limiting single use to situations where a benefit can be demonstrated.

D. Creating a working group on waste

  • The working group is made up of healthcare managers, the internal services manager and the sustainable development manager. It meets weekly to consider what information should be provided to employees, how to improve recycling practices and the waste loop within the hospital.


A. Promoting the use of public transport

  • Introduction of a public transport allowance:
    In order to encourage the use of public transport, Princess Grace Hospital has introduced an allowance which reimburses the cost of employee season tickets. Several types of season ticket are covered. This allowance replaces the old parking allowance which was designed to reimburse part of the cost.
  • Staff transport:
    Shuttles run between the car parks at the ZAC Saint Antoine entrance and the station, in order to encourage the use of trains and car sharing.
  • Introduction of prepaid bus cards for employees:
    Prepaid bus cards have been purchased and are available to staff for travel within the Principality. The aim is to reduce vehicle use.
  • Introduction of electric carts and self-service wheelchairs:
    To help relatives, families and patients get around the hospital more easily, Princess Grace Hospital has introduced a free transport service using electric carts. These provide a link allowing people with reduced mobility due to age or illness to connect with public transport.
  • Introduction of an intercity shuttle serving the Rainier III Centre and the A Qietüdine and Cap Fleuri retirement homes.
  • Promotion of the MonacoVoiturage car sharing website on the hospital’s intranet.

B. Expanding the fleet of eco-friendly vehicles

  • Princess Grace Hospital regularly makes additions to its fleet of electric vehicles, which currently comprises two Twizzys, five electric scooters, one KANGOO utility vehicle and two electric carts. This is something which is taken into account systematically when we upgrade our vehicles.


  • Inclusion of sustainability clauses in public procurement contracts and consideration of this criterion when selecting bids:
    Since 2012, environmental and sustainability clauses have been included when drafting procurement contracts, calls for tender and various orders, and these clauses are taken into account when selecting bids.
  • Paper purchases:
    Orders for reams of paper (A3 and A4) for the hospital’s departments include the PEFC and ECOLABEL certifications. In order to reduce consumption, all printers are set to double-sided printing by default.
    Princess Grace Hospital communication materials (welcome brochures, presentation leaflets, internal magazine) are printed on recycled paper by a printer with the Imprim’vert certification.
  • Signature of EGEO contract with SMEG, guaranteeing a sustainable energy supply: Princess Grace Hospital and its supplier, SMEG, have signed an EGEO contract which guarantees a supply of sustainable electricity. A meeting to present the Smart+ project is also planned.
  • Development and renovation of departments:
    During renovation work, materials which promote improved acoustics are used in order to reduce noise pollution. LEDs are also used to reduce energy consumption and ergonomic furniture is installed.
  • Catering service:
    The availability of organic food has been substantially increased to enable those who wish to do so to choose it; a fully organic breakfast is also offered to patients. A healthy option is also offered in the canteen every day.
  • Establishment of a 250m2 on-site organic kitchen garden:
    In partnership with Terres de Monaco, Princess Grace Hospital has planted a 250m2 organic kitchen garden. The produce is purchased by the hospital and used in meals for the crèche, and for the retirement homes when sufficient quantities are available.
    There are also plans to create a catalogue of local suppliers.
  • Introduction of a policy of procuring organic or recycled products for promotions:
    All promotional products distributed by the hospital at various events are made from recycled or biodegradable materials; making them available also highlights the concept of responsible consumption.
  • Provision of slippers made from recycled materials to hospital patients:
    Slippers made from recycled materials are provided to hospital patients in areas with communal bathrooms.
  • Ergonomics:
    In order to improve working conditions for staff and reduce musculoskeletal disorders, the Equipment Department has, since 2012, invested in support equipment, including all types of patient lifts and modern sit-to-stand aids, motorised food trolleys, new wheelchairs and geriatric chairs, and support equipment for administrative roles.
    The Human Resources Department has also established an ergonomist post to work with the departments and as part of the procurement process to promote ergonomics and reduce the risks of musculoskeletal disorders.


  • Assessment of greenhouse gas emissions:
    An assessment of greenhouse gas emissions was carried out by APAVE in 2017.
  • University Diploma in Sustainable Development undertaken by a hospital manager:
    The hospital funded a University Diploma in Sustainable Development for one of its managers, who also undertook a number of training courses on waste issues.
  • Creation of a working group on sustainable development:
    This group comprises around 20 people, including members of the management team, doctors and staff. It meets every two months for a range of discussions on sustainable development.
  • Annual Sustainable Development Day:
    Every year, during Sustainable Development Week, Princess Grace Hospital organises an environmental awareness day for staff and publicises the sustainable actions that have been taken.
  • Participation alongside C2DS in the “2 for ten” best practices initiative:
    Princess Grace Hospital is a member of the Committee for Sustainable Development in Healthcare (C2DS) and took part in the initiative to promote eco-friendly behaviours in the hospital environment.
  • Raising staff awareness of eco-friendly behaviours:
    Posters on best practices and environmentally responsible behaviours have been put up in common areas and hospital corridors, and in the departments. The hospital intranet is also used for this purpose.
  • Inter-generational event
    During Sustainable Development Day, pupils from the Principality’s schools, guided by our activity leaders and the SMA Recycling Ambassador, took part in events with residents. Activities and games on the theme of waste sorting were organised.

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