Sally’s Paddock Masterclass with Winemaker Neill Robb at Wine Palace Monte Carlo

 April 4, 2018

Sally's Paddock Masterclass
Sally's Paddock Masterclass with Winemaker Neill Robb / Photo via Club Vivanova



Wine Palace Monte Carlo
Guest Winemaker . Neill Robb
Five Boutique Wines . Exclusive Presentation

Thursday 12th April 2018 . 8pm
€50 per person . Book Event Online

Join Club Vivanova with Sally’s Paddock founder and winemaker Neill Robb at the Wine Palace Monte Carlo for an exclusive insight into the history and wine-making techniques behind one of Australia’s most iconic Cabernet blends. Gourmet canapés will be served with the wine degustation.

The Hundred Tree Hill wines are made at Sally’s Paddock and are hand-crafted from estate grown grapes and fruit from other local small vineyards in the Pyrenees region. These soft and ready-to-drink wines are characteristic of the Pyrenees. The Sally’s Paddock is an iconic Australian classic and is rated as Distinguished in the Langton’s Classification of Fine Australian Wine; one of only one hundred Australian wines chosen for the list.

Wine Degustation Selection

  • Sasha Sparkling Brut
  • Hundred Tree Hill Chardonnay 2013
  • Hundred Tree Hill Pinot Syrah
  • Hundred Tree Hill Shiraz 2012
  • Redbank Sally’s Paddock 2009

Reservations . Book Event Online

Tickets will cost €50 per person (valued at €90 and subsidised by the organising partners). A no-show policy applies.

Members and non-members alike may book for our events, which are always well-attended; early reservations are recommended.

Sally's Paddock wine

Sally’s Paddock wine


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