Over 100 employees of Carrefour Monaco demonstrated today

 March 31, 2018

Demonstration at Carrefour Monaco hypermarket
Demonstration at Carrefour Monaco hypermarket / Photo: DR / Nice Matin



Trade employees, mostly from the Carrefour Monaco hypermarket in Fontvieille shopping center gather together this Saturday morning to demonstrate in front of the supermarket.

The demonstration is unrelated to the French strike and the Monaco employees have very distinct claims. – report Nice Matin.

Gilles Ugolini, secretary general of the trade union and employee of the supermarket warns:

“We do not show support for our French colleagues. This movement has nothing to do with it. We chose this date because the Easter weekend is traditionally a time of great attendance. “

But what are their demands?

“Carrefour Monaco does not respect the collective agreement on trade, and refuses to recognise it, the working conditions are decaying, and the obligatory annual negotiations are permanently postponed by the management.”

The management of Carrefour responded:

“We do not believe in a coincidence schedule” and said “convinced that this is a demonstration of support for French employees”.

The organisers claims that there were 120 participants in the demonstration at Carrefour Monaco hypermarket in Fontvieille.

Originally published at Nice Matin


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