Success story: Monaco Crowdfunding had an exceptional 2017

 January 3, 2018

Monaco Crowdfunding



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Monaco Crowdfunding is the first and only crowdfunding platform of the Principality of Monaco, with the authorization of the Minister of State, on June 26, 2015.

Monaco Crowdfunding remains one of the last independent crowdfunding platforms in Europe with 5 active financial partners.

  • Monaco Crowdfunding has already enabled Monegasque associations and foundations to raise more than six hundred thousand euros for solidarity and responsible projects.
  • More than twice this amount in loans or capital on behalf of European, Swiss or Monegasque companies has allowed Monaco Crowdfunding to achieve annual growth of 400% of its turnover.

Sébastien PRAT, manager and co-founder of Monaco Crowdfunding, worked for 15 years in private investment Allianz as a business engineer. In 2017, half of the innovative and sustainable projects selected by the Monaco Crowdfunding selection committee were recommended by partners (lawyers, accountants, corporate restructuring consultants or incubators) who were aware of this phenomenon.

“We are converting qualified investors into Monaco Crowdfunding since sharing experience is essential.” – says Sébastien PRAT, manager and co-founder of Monaco Crowdfunding

Monaco Crowdfunding expects the same growth in 2018, thanks to the successful closing of 3 fundraisers in early 2018 and the launch of original quality projects (artificial reefs for the repopulation of the seabed, blockchain management of sports federations, voice encryption on the Internet).

The search for financing companies is carried out either in public campaign with an investment ticket from € 2,000 or in a private circle reserved for qualified investors with investment tickets from € 50,000. The investor also becomes a “mentor”. Sharing experience is essential.

Online payment is secure 3D secure and no bank data is stored by Monaco Crowdfunding.
2425 financial contributions were made online on the platform without any fraud

The funds are collected on an sequestre account opened in the name of the project holder and will only be released after authorization from Monaco Crowdfunding by the bank holding this account.

Sébastien PRAT is convinced of the potential for considerable development, particularly thanks to the opportunity for foreign investors (two-thirds of the contributors to the platform are Anglo-Saxon and Swiss) to take stakes in innovative companies based in France, Europe.

For the year 2018, Monaco Crowdfunding focuses on four areas of development:

  • Doubling its penetration rate in the Principality through targeted communication.
  • Develop a new approach to philanthropy.
  • Attract investors from Lusophone countries thanks to its internal resources.
  • Increase its collaboration with private investors in Asia and the Middle East by developing local partnerships.

Monaco Crowdfunding intends to take advantage of the departure of an expected shareholder in 2018 to join a new partner able to give it the means to become one of the 10 largest global platforms in 2022.

For further information and to see the ongoing project please visit:

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