Tim never gave up his dream! – Exclusive interview with Tim Burton (Shmee150)

 September 28, 2017

Tim Burton (Shmee150)
Tim Burton (Shmee150)



Tim never gave up his dream. At age 30 he is not just an entrepreneur but at the same time inspires millions of people all around the world

England has at least two inspirational Tim Burton for sure. One of them is the legendary director of such iconic movies as Beetlejuice (1988), Edward Scissorhands (1990), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Alice in Wonderland (2010) and many other great titles. However the “other” Tim is the exceptional YouTube phenomenon called Shmee150. An influencer, a YouTube celebrity, a social media phenomenon or as I prefer to call him: the entrepreneur who dared to go after his dreams.

We decided to catch up with Shmee150 and to talk about his formula behind his YouTube success. The story was worth it because Tim’s story is the absolute role model of courage, persistence and quality which eventually made a truly rewarding life for him, a life where he can live his “Supercar Dream”.

The currently only 29 years old Tim continuously travels around the world looking for exclusive automobile content for his seven million followers across his Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. After seven years of hard work Tim has become the absolute reference when it comes to supercars and experiencing the best roads around the world. Not bad to do every day what you love, right?

As Tim introduces himself:

“I’m Tim, ‘Living the Supercar Dream’ with McLaren 675LT Spider, Aston Martin Vantage GT8, Ferrari FF, Ford Focus RS and a Classic Mini, join me on my adventures! The Mercedes-AMG GT R, Porsche 911 GT3 and Ford GT are incoming.” – says Tim

Tim Burton (Shmee150)

Tim Burton (Shmee150)

Do you think Tim had a different background as a petrolhead than you? No, not really. He started his career with a Renault Clio 1.2, which he still adores. This was the car in which Tim experienced the first taste of a road trip, which later came back as a major element in most of his videos. But to succeed as an entrepreneur he converted his passion into his business.

MWM: First of all could you please tell us what does “Shmee150” stand for?

“Shmee was a name I started using for websites back in the days of 28k dial-up internet when I was around 9-10 years old, it stuck and has stayed with me around websites, online computer games and all sorts since. The 150 was added upon discovering a website where shock-horror ‘Shmee’ was already taken! As with most private YouTube channels, it was never originally intended to become what it is now, so the name hasn’t changed through to today!” – says Tim

MWM: Tim, do you remember what was the defining moment in your life which boosted your passion towards cars?

“My dad and granddad loved cars. My granddad got a Noble M12 GTO when he was in his 80s and was taking me to rallies and things. My love of adventures and road trips all comes from him. I remember when I was a kid my dad used to make me point out every car we passed and tell him what brand it was – the faster, more expensive the better. In some ways I’m still doing it.“- says Tim

Looking back at the beginning of his story Burton left school at 18 after completing A-levels. In 2006 he registered himself on YouTube, however at that time he worked in the financial sector in London. His career started to take off only four years later in 2010 when he created two short videos with two super exclusive cars, a Ferrari 458 Italia and a Lamborghini LP670-4 Superveloce, which at the time one would not expect to see on the road. These two videos helped him to develop himself from a one person guy into a serious business man who currently has a team of nine people working with him on his online business.

MWM: Probably 10 years ago the life you live now and the car collection you own today sounded as an utopistic dream. How do you look at it today?

“At the end of the day supercars aren’t completely unreachable depending on a person’s commitment and enthusiasm. As in many careers, hard work and dedication will get you to the top.“- says Tim

Tim is also known in Monaco, he has visited the Principality multiple times during Top Marques Monaco for example. It is one of his key specialties to travel around the world, covering exclusive events with incredible luxury cars. As the result of his accomplished name in the supercar world, Tim was one of only 500 people approved for the purchase of the new Ford GT 2017.

In an interesting YouTube video Tim answers one of the most frequently asked questions: “How can you get a supercar?”

“Career goals, ambitions, aims.” – says Tim

These are the very first words that come up in his mind proving that without proper determination no dream can be realised. The formula sounds super easy but in reality it is exactly the opposite because to fulfil the road you need to be persistent.

The second thought I really like from Tim is how he explains that what and how he has achieved does not necessarily work for the next person. Ergo it might seem easier to copy but it will bring you only to be always the second. Authenticity and long term reward from life comes when you are ready to be who you are and you are ready to put your inner self into your career choice.

“No matter what career you choose, if you work hard eventually you will reach the top. And at the top you will find the reward for your efforts. No matter if it is a supercar or something else.” – says Tim

One of the other advice that Tim shared is to be always cash savvy. As he explains in our current society many people are into “things” that they do not really need. For example for Tim, he could have afforded a larger apartment but since he is always on the road he knew that he does not need those expenses. He turned that extra money into his business to fulfil and more importantly to maintain his supercar dream.

MWM: Last year you gave an interview to The Telegraph whereby you stated that you did regret to sell your Renault Clio 1.2 and you might buy it back one day. Did you buy it back? Or is it still a future plan?

“I haven’t looked into it yet. I honestly do not even know if the car is still driving on UK roads. It is quite difficult to find that out. If I ever have the time to find it, I will definitely try to do so, but at this moment I unfortunately do not have the time to dive into it.“ – says Tim

The year of 2016 and 2017 were the years for Tim to expand the “Shmee150 brand”. Tim published his book, he is now relaunching his Shmee150 merchandise store and developed many related sub-businesses to his brand.

Also one of his character element I truly admire is how Tim educates the younger generation and his followers about the importance of working hard for our dreams. Tim explains that you cannot be rich by doing the same regular job as others. You need to reach out for your inner ideas and realise them.

“Many people are hooked to a specific kind of job. I think if you have that excitement about what you are doing, you will naturally work harder and by working harder you are much more likely to succeed. Instead of being in a sort of dead-end job you hate and you wonder every day what you are doing.“ – says Tim

So as we can conclude it, the art of doing business is doing business without any business at all.

Tim Burton (Shmee150)

Tim Burton (Shmee150) at the Goodwood Breakfast Club

MWM: Do you think your success was easy?

“Inspirational things are not supposed to be super easy to get to. Please imagine that among many other opportunities I have worked in finance, I have worked as a ski instructor and now I am making these car videos. These are the three most disconnected businesses you can imagine.“ – says Tim

MWM: What did you learn about these surprising career changes?

“It really shows that if you put in the work and you want to follow your dreams and passion, then you will be able to do it.“ – says Tim

MWM: Lot of people misunderstand or do not see the hard work behind the “job” of a real social media influencer. Truth to be told it seems easy to make a selfie video and upload it. What is your message to them?

“YouTube and vlogging is exceptionally hard work. The content you watch might seem super easy, but this is a business like any other in the world. I really enjoy it and I think many of my followers share this feeling. Being in the social media business is not an easy walk in the park and sleeping eight hours every single night is a luxury I simply do not have anymore.“ – says Tim

Tim Burton (Shmee150)

Tim Burton (Shmee150)

Reading Tim’s story behind his immense success, anyone can see the key to success is hard work and commitment towards aims that you truly love. And the good thing is that you do not need to do this on a big scale, you can start to do it on a small level as well. Always look for the change and the momentum in the world around you. In the end, there is not a single formulae for success, each person has a unique story to tell by combining efforts, talents, insights, enthusiasm and inspiration.

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