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 July 12, 2017

New Flag of Monaco
New Flag of Monaco



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One of the most unique real-estate market with its almost half size of New York’s legendary Central Park however with the staggering fact that 44% of Monaco’s population is a millionaire.

[ We requested Monaco’s renewed and dynamic quality real-estate expert Monte-Carlo Estates to guide us through the most fascinating facts about the Principality of Monaco. ]

The Principality of Monaco one of the smallest country ninth World with its 2.02 sq/km territory. To make this into a context New York’s legendary Central Park is 3.41 sq/km.

In this small territory having a real-estate property is considered more than prestige. It also reflects in it’s real-estate prices which is the highest in the World. As the Knight Frank Wealth Report revels 1 million dollar buys you 26 sq/m in New York, 20 sq/m in Hong Kong, but only 17 sq/m in the Principality of Monaco.

Monaco: Splashing the cash on the French Riviera

Knight Frank Wealth Report / Photo via CNN

“The Principality of Monaco offers an exceptional life-style at the heart of Europe. 44% of Monaco’s population is a millionaire and they choose Monaco not just for investment or taxation reason by also for its extraordinary security.” – explains to us Gianluca De Lucia, director of Monte-Carlo Estates

When you relocate in the Principality it can be a very positive advantage for you that Monaco enjoys an extraordinary security. With its over five-hundred police officers in 1.98 km2, Monaco has the largest police presence in the world on both a per-capita and per-area basis.

Not to mention Monaco’s 520 surveillance cameras and the fact that in order to protect the privacy of its residents Monaco even forbid to fly a drone.

All of Monaco’s effort sends a message that the security is under control, protecting you and your loved ones. Also the princely Family maintains a relatively close relationship with the Monégasque people and the Monaco residents.

Princess Charlene, Gabriella and Jacques at St. John's Day Festival

Princess Charlene, Gabriella and Jacques at St. John’s Day Festival / Photo via NewMyRoyals.com

We can also state that the majority of the residents of the Principality of Monaco are successful celebrities, entrepreneurs, business owners and/or high level leaders. Therefore most of them own and/or operate their businesses while they are continuously enjoying the fruits of their activities.

“Profit based taxation is one of the most attractive value for business to come to Monaco. Taxation based only on profit instead of income is a great advantage for businesses at any size.” – says Gianluca De Lucia, director of Monte-Carlo Estates

It is also beneficial to be part of such an environment since all of Monaco’s efforts are focusing on maintaining the momentum of its economic growth.

Each and every day more than 120 nationalities bring together their experiences and knowledge from all over the World in the small territory of Monaco.

“Many people do not know but Monaco truly support the young entrepreneurs and the startups as well. For example a great benefit that during the first two years you have the possibility to operate your business venture from your home apartment.” – explains Gianluca De Lucia, director of Monte-Carlo Estates

Monaco: Splashing the cash on the French Riviera

The Sky Penthouse at Odeon Tower. / Photo via CNN

It is very interesting to see that most of the non-European ultra high net worth individuals are investing in the Principality of Monaco.

An investor wishing to allocate funds in a low-risk asset could eventually include a Monégasque property in his or her international portfolio. Also the political and the economic stability plays a major part in the safety of the real estate assets.

The Principality of Monaco also offers a special fund available exclusively for some of the major banks in Monaco to invest into real-estates and new developments.

It is also an amazing fact that the Monaco real-estate market in a continuous grow during the past 10 years. In it’s small territory there were over 2.6 billion Euro worth real-estate transaction in the year of 2016. This included an average of 13.7 million Euro in new apartment sales price and an average of 4.3 million Euro in resales.

Charting the world: Knight Frank’s chart shows year-on-year house price growth and falls in the most exclusive areas of cities around the world / Photo via Daily Mail

“17 years of experience in Monaco showed us that the key to gain the trust of our client lies in the custom tailored services offering luxury that matches the individual needs.” – says Gianluca De Lucia, director of Monte-Carlo Estates

Monaco itself provides you many added values, which you can easily capitalize since there are fundamental differences between Monaco and most of the countries in the European Monetary zone.

In the great public Monaco was always known as a Zero debt country, which makes and highlights the Principality of Monaco as an outstanding place in the European Monetary Zone (as well as all around the World).

Monaco is very committed to support the green environment, it is also a highly sustainable country. Basically the whole economy is built up in order to provide excellence, therefore it is an ideal location to relocate either for personal or business reasons.

Monte-Carlo Estates

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