Top 100 Ultra Luxury Trends in 2013 honours three Monaco related projects

 February 2, 2014



The Ultra Luxury Fashion Trend Report will allow you to have the foresight into what ultra luxury trends will be important to take into account for the next one to four years. In 2013 three Monaco related projects were listed in the TOP 100 Ultra Luxury trends.

The Luxury Trend Report features a collection of the most innovative luxury trends to give you insight into the world of luxury goods. Despite economic crisis, there are affluent consumers who still expect first-class service. These are the consumers who are not hesitant to indulge in luxury travel, luxury homes and luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Hermes.

TOP 100 Ultra Luxury trends in 2013:
Nr. 16. Touchscreen Skyrise Apartments
Nr. 71. Royal Bond-Inspired Artwork
Nr. 83. Casino Royale Supercar

Let’s celebrate together the creators (architect Alexander Giraldi, Inspirationaliste Dodo Newman and Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse) of these amazing projects.

Number 16: Monaco’s Odeon Tower Will Feature Advance Architecture and Services

The Odeon Tower is set to take over Monaco’s look at the French Riviera. Although not yet constructed, architect Alexander Giraldi is set to erect the skyscraper by 2014.

Much like Monaco’s elite background, Giraldi has ensured only the top amenities and features. Among the 259 units are 73 luxury suites, two of which include an infinity pool and an exclusive water slide to be used by those residents only.

All of those who take up residency in the building however will benefit from the chauffeur service, an around the clock concierge, spas and saunas. These resources can all be accessed by way of touchscreens located within the apartments, distinguishing it not only as the best in terms of luxury, but also in terms of technology.

Number 71: Dodo Newman Uses Interesting Themes to Create Her Masterpiece

Luxury lovers may want to sit down before they read about a Monaco Princely family-related luxury item heading for sale.

The $160,000 diamond and Swarovski-covered masterpiece was handcrafted by Dodo Newman Inspirationaliste.

The breathtaking three-meter-long, diamond-covered item immediately grabs people’s attention. It also has a special cut in the middle. One part stays in the Principality of Monaco and the other half is waiting for its lucky owner. Beside the certificate of authenticity the item also contains a very special letter from Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène of Monaco with her very best wishes.

This piece would be the perfect addition to any luxury-lovers home. For anyone who can afford the price tag, the piece of art is well worth it!

Number 84: The Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse is an Ultra-Rare French Ride

The Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse is not exactly a one-of-a-kind supercar, but it’s pretty close. The car is being released to celebrate the 30th birthday of Moncao-based Montecarlo Automobile. The Rascasse gets its unique name from a corner in the Monte Carlo circuit. Only 15 Rascasses are set to be built.

Powering the Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse is a mid-mounted 5.4-liter V12 engine sourced from BMW. It puts out 500 horsepower and is powered by both gasoline and hydrogen-enriched LPG. Montecarlo Automobile plans to release a hybrid version of the Rascasse that will be supercharged and feature all-wheel drive. The Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse is set to sell for around $600,000 and is sure to be snapped up by collectors looking to own a piece of automotive history.

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