Old Money Families That Have Been Richest The Longest

 January 30, 2014



Top billionaires as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Carlos Slim might have accumulated a lot of wealth but they are never to come in the league of old rich families which have been wealthy over since times innumerable.

Below are some of the rich families who have had riches from over the generations:

Astor family
The family is considered to be the first aristocrats in America. The family was once known as landlords of New York and interestingly some of the locations in New York are still named after this family. Be it the Astor Avenue, Astor Place or the Astor neighbourhood in Queens, the imprints of the family can be seen everywhere.

Du Pont Family
The power and repute this family enjoys can be seen for real in Delaware as the companies set up by DuPont family employ around 10 percent of population of this town. A majority of riches of the family came from the wealth that the family acquired by selling of gunpowder during civil war which lasted from 1861 to 1865.

Rockefeller Family
The family acquired its riches in early 1900’s when they were able to sell off major oil deposits through their company which was named as Standard Oil. The family had shares in Chase Manhattan Bank which is now a part of the JP Morgan Chase.

Rothschild Family
The family was the richest in the world during 1800’s and is known for establishing finance homes throughout Europe. Even today the family has impressive stakes in finance, mining, energy and farming sector.

Vanderbilt Family
The most important contribution of the Vanderbilt family has been that the family has built the Grand Central Terminal in New York. During 1900’s the family was known to have 10 huge mansions along Fifth Avenue in New York.

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