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MonacoWealthManagement.com is an unbiased business and wealth itinerary, founded in August 2010 with the goal of bringing transparency to the business actors of the Principality of Monaco.

Through its HNWI member platform it creates a bridge between the interested parties, the local residents and the trusted service providers.

Supporting the local community, Monaco Wealth Management collects into one virtual place all the trusted bankswealth manager companiesreal-estate professionals furthermore professional lawyers and financial consultants.

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The interest of Monegasque residency in the context of international exchange of information

 April 17, 2019

In most countries tax regulations are becoming more stringent. We can mention the anti-avoidance legislation, measures fighting tax evasion and money laundering, “treaty shopping” provisions, FATCA disclosing obligations, the new OECD BEPS program and, last but not least the expected entry into force of the multilateral Convention on the automatic exchange of information. In this […]


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