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Annual private membership for the Monaco Wealth Management member base and business directory.



Annual private membership for the Monaco Wealth Management business directory and networking platform.

[ We bring together the RESIDENTS and trusted BUSINESSES. ]

Monaco Wealth Management has impeccable industry reputation as the only portal in Monaco focusing on residents. It offers a trusted business itinerary, 99% of the local businesses are registered. Local presence since 2010 with strong foundations in place.

Your benefits as a Private member:

  • Professional personal profile/introduction
  • Access to archive articles / corporate news
  • Detailed search in the Corporate database
  • Internal mail to Key People in Monaco (Maximum 120 per/year)
  • Access to Monaco’s Who’s Who directory
  • Monitor and receive alerts on Key People activities, role changes
  • Monitor and receive alerts on corporate activities, corporate news

Why MWM?

Monaco is a very niche market with the largest number of millionaires per capita in the World and UHNWI need confidentiality and trusted services. The Monaco Wealth Management portal is an unbiased itinerary in the business life of Monaco and its credibility becomes the number one priority to its members.

Exclusive database of verfied residents and businesses 99% of the local businesses confirmed by the Government of Monaco and over 9,000 HNWI residents.

Unbiased analytics and performance indicators multiple indicators provide reliable information of the business entities.

Strong local co-operataions since 2010 the portail gained recognition and it supports the local businesses.

Government related projects projects promoting Monaco, fundraisings, publications on relocation, heritage and gastronomy.

Further Benefits

Access to key people: One of the biggest benefits of the MWM membership is the opportunity it provides to access people who live and work in the Principality of Monaco.

Analytics & Credibility: The greatest benefit is that it provides an insight into the relations between residents and local businesses. Credibility is a key issue, especially since 2/3 of the businesses of Monaco are either sole traders or small companies run by less than 5 people. Members also gain access to interviews, and personal information such as family relations, influencing friends and hobbies.
Data collection policy: The informations we have are either publicly available (for example Government sources) and/or personally provided by the private individuals or the business representatives.

Free advice, Monaco mentoring: Members can also reach out free of charge to our experts in various Monaco related questions and topics saving time and money.

Capitalising the members: From a Networking perspective members have the possibility to invite other members. Corporate members have the benefit to target Monaco residents in a highly effective way.
Privacy policy: Monaco Wealth Management highly respects the privacy of the residents of Monaco and it never sold out their private contact details. Monaco Wealth Management has those information strictly for internal use only.

Free member events: Occasional free access to partner events such as exhibitions, wine degustations, gourmet dinners and brand presentations.

Complimentary publications: All of our publications are freely granted as our gift to our members. Each one of them are signed by the authors themselves in order to provide a more personal and memorable touch.

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