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Monaco Wealth Management decided to support a solution for one of the deadliest disease, which effects 8.8% of our population. To achieve success we need you as well.

The project is led by Monaco Wealth Management founder, Zsolt Szemerszky (People Who Make Monaco . The art of learning to do good business . Interview with Zsolt Szemerszky, Entrepreneur of the Year…) a fellow victim of Type 1 Diabetes.

The aim is to add a non-invasive tool to the Diabetes management solutions in order to achieve a pain free and more precise blood sugar measurement for people living with Diabetes. Unfortunately there is no such tool on the market yet, however it is possible to realise such a tool with present day technologies.

Currently over 422 million people are effected of Diabetes and it is not about obesity. It is much more than that and it causes more deaths a year than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

Key indicators:

  • Diabetes effects women during pregnancy (one in four pregnancies!),
  • it effects children from early ages,
  • it is the reason for men to underperform in sexual activities,
  • it is the 5th leading cause related to death of women and
  • the 8th leading cause of death in overall in people’s life.

Diabetes the way towards Cure

It’s a call for people, because there is a way to shape the future of healthcare.

The project has already created a free educational book for all the six types of Diabetics as well as for their families and relatives.

The book is available for FREE on iBooks and ISSUU as well as in printed form on Amazon.

It is estimated that about 80,000 children develop the disease each year and notably children under five.

“With the planned solution we aim to focus also on our next generation, the children who deserve the very best. For the children there are many ways to make the blood glucose monitoring device fun. First of all it can be implemented into any kind of wearables, such as jewelry, watch, bracelet, ear rings, etc. Secondly due to the globally available 3D printing technologies they can customize them.”

Your donation today will go a long way in helping to provide a better understanding, life quality and treatment suggestions which can lead towards the search for a cure. Furthermore it will boost the technological development of the aimed non-invasive tool.

The ability to care for over 422 Million Diabetic people can be a game changer and it starts with a small effort today.


Your donation today will go a long way in helping to provide a better understanding, life quality and treatment suggestions which all can lead towards the search for a cure.


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