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Top criminal news: Cocaine use in Monaco


Another great reportage on Monaco’s crime scene by Olga Taran, editor of HelloMonaco.com. The original article is available at: Top 2 Monaco criminal news: fake bill and cocaine use.

A pretty young woman comes handcuffed in the box. She is just twenty years old and has beautiful long blond hair. This Frenchwoman residing in the Principality was caught red-handed in the evening of Wednesday, 24 May, in the toilets of the hotel Méridien Beach Plaza. She was snorting a line of cocaine. Good job for the police!

“This is the third time I’ve used drugs”

They had noticed the presence on the Monegasque territory of a young man well known for selling narcotics. The dealer was going to serve as bait! The inspectors followed him discreetly. They saw him enter the palace on Princess Grace Avenue and head for the bathroom.

When the officials pushed the door open, the woman sniffled. During their check, they discovered two empty packets and 1.5g of cocaine. The check on mobile phones did not provide any additional information.

“During your interrogation at the Public Security,” said Judge Florestan Bellinzona, “you said that this friend had provided you with cocaine. Questioned, he denied any taking of narcotics. You changed versions. You bought the white powder the day before, from an unknown person on the south dock of the port Hercules for 80 euros. Why did you hesitate?” The culprit’s tears began to flow: “I was afraid: I was stressed. I did not know what to do. This is the third time I have used drugs.”

The magistrate wanted to know where the money came from. “Small jobs. I am a waitress.” For the Judge, “there are certainly one or two statements in which you lie …” This procedure, followed by twenty-four hours detention, pushed Assistant Attorney General Hervé Poinot to issue a hopeful statement. “Let this young girl reflect on the danger that awaits her. She uses drugs to party. One has the impression of idleness with a certain taste for delusion. She obviously lies, cynically! She mocks the police and the court. Her ability to accept everything is worrisome. Her record will undermine her prospect of employment in the Principality.

Three months’ imprisonment with suspended sentence will be required, with trial freedom to seek care.” The defence emphasised the inappropriateness of the sentence sought as a result of the divorce proceedings of her parents. “My client is doing some self-searching, it is certain,” said lawyer Stephan Pastor. “Why is she going towards the forbidden? To forget her troubles. Yes, she took some coke to escape. She is not mocking anyone: she is suffering! This is not a sly dealer. Do not overwhelm her for this big mistake. Help her get out of this difficult passage of her life. It’s the first time! It will be the last!” While the accused may pay an honourable fine, the reparation will not incline the judges to clemency: the girl will be sentenced to eight days’ imprisonment.

Originally published by Olga Taran at HelloMonaco.com


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