October 23, 2013

There is one rule, maybe it is among the most important rules. No matter what you are aiming to implement into your business or personal life you have to be in charge! Many people are very passionate in the beginning but during the road when they continuously face obstacles this passion starts to fade. This […]

What Motivates a Billionaire?

 October 10, 2013

What motivates a billionaire? Ever wondered what makes a billionaire tick? Let’s find out. According to venture capitalist Anthony Tjan, there are three factors that weigh in when it comes to pushing a billionaire to make money: enhancing the world’s beauty, making the world a more fun place to live in, and making the world […]

The 6 RULES: Entrepreneur or Leader?

 July 10, 2013

Many times when I ask people whether they know what the difference is between an entrepreneur and a leader they gave me almost the same answer. An entrepreneur owns his own business while a leader works in a high position in one of my companies. For me this is not so clear and I am […]

Monster in Monaco

 July 02, 2013

There is a big and scary MONSTER deep inside our soul. Yes, it is there in your and in mine soul, in everybody’s soul. But it is time to STOP HIDING from the monster and to step up against it. You know the story, right? “They said he held his illness with dignity. Whenever you […]

(Video) “Secret 5″ of online business approach

 May 31, 2013

Online sales, online stores and automatized marketing is all around us. It is almost impossible to find a website today which is not aiming at selling something. But are they really successful? Sending out your message is one thing and to get an exchange from it in the form of money is another thing. There […]

(Video) The three basic ingredients of successful selling

 May 21, 2013

Have you every thought about how do successful people achieve their aims in the same economic environment? Have you every struggled with your performance while having a deep desire to more forward with your aims? Would you like to turn this around? The three basic ingredients of successful selling in any business are: Enthusiasm, Belief […]

NO EXCUSE! in business: The angle of incidence of the Sun

 February 09, 2013

…you can not blame the external factors. We are in the same business jungle and the rules are the same for all of us. No exceptions. It is all upon you if you will survive or not. It is all upon you if you will be a Rabbit or you will become a Tiger. Now […]

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