The Most Expensive Chess Set in the World

 July 26, 2013

Chess is one of the oldest indoor games known to us. The game originated from India and then spread across Persia and then the rest of the world. The rules have changed over time and so has the increased popularity. The game is played on a board with 64 squares with alternate black and white […]

Top 5 Most Expensive Pool Styles in the World

 July 25, 2013

When we talk about expensive and luxurious pools, we immediately start recollected our best hotel pool experiences or the great time we had at a swanky water park. Undoubtedly pools that are fun can be impressive, but they are in no way close to some of the most exquisitely designed and conceptualized expensive pools of […]

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Gold Edition

 July 24, 2013

The Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Gold edition has been tailor made and manufactured for the Chinese market. Produced only in limited number of ten copies, this gold painted special and limited edition of an otherwise normal Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 is aimed at catering the new rich Asian population and their craving for fast and luxurious cars. […]

The Most Expensive Airport in the World

 July 23, 2013

There are several airports in the world that manage to capture the attention of global flyers with their imposing size. Some of the largest airfields in the globe are known to possess more than 15 miles of aviation related commercial properties surrounding them. Hence it is considered to be an understatement to address these gigantic […]

The Most Expensive Vacation Package for Dogs: $75,000

 July 22, 2013

It has been proved many a time that a true dog lover can go to any extent to demonstrate his affection towards his special pet. Super rich and generous dog owners are known to pamper their beloved canines in novel ways. However a recent development is set to surpass all known ways of indulging one’s […]

Where The Richest People in The World Like to Travel

 July 13, 2013

There are several destinations across the globe that seem to have the hearts of a-list celebrities and those to whom money is no object. When your criteria is luxury and funds are not a concern then there are many places that have become quite popular. These destinations offer the best best beaches, views, party scenes, […]

Summer Rentals in the Hamptons hit the $1 Million Mark

 July 12, 2013

Summer rentals in the Hamptons have touched a new high. According to brokers who are active in the region and deal with clients on a regular basis, at least half a dozen estates and homes in the Hamptons that are available for renting cost around $1 Million and that too for the summer months. The […]

The Most Expensive Home Office

 July 11, 2013

The Philip and Carrie Lehman House has been tagged as the ‘most expensive offices in the world with an extravagant rate of more than $3000.00 per square foot and now this house has been sold to an anonymous buyer. It is still not confirmed whether the house would continue as an office (as it was […]

The Orb: A Bluetooth Headset That Turns Into a Ring

 July 10, 2013

There are quite a few gadgets that stand out for their innovativeness. The “Orb” is one such interesting product that has managed to capture the attention of tech geeks during the past four years. The “Orb” is basically a Bluetooth enabled headset that can be worn as a ring. The product was first launched into […]

Book Your Seat on the Virgin Galactic

 July 09, 2013

Sir Richard Branson is known for his innovation. In his latest offering, the Virgin Group owned by Sir Richard Branson and Abu Dhabi’s aabar investments is offering a trip to the space. The event is being promoted as the first step towards becoming an astronaut. One will have to shell out US$ 250,000 besides some […]

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