Tim never gave up his dream! – Exclusive interview with Tim Burton (Shmee150)

 September 28, 2017

Tim never gave up his dream. At age 30 he is not just an entrepreneur but at the same time inspires millions of people all around the world England has at least two inspirational Tim Burton for sure. One of them is the legendary director of such iconic movies as Beetlejuice (1988), Edward Scissorhands (1990), […]

VIDEO: Prince Albert of Monaco, 59, has opened up about the death of his mother

 September 12, 2017

Prince Albert of Monaco has opened up about the tragic death of his mother Grace Kelly, revealing that his father was never the ‘same man’ after the loss. The prince, 59, called his mother’s death ‘traumatic’ for the royal family, particularly for his sister Stephanie, who was with her mother at the time of the […]

Does Monaco inspire? (Dodo Newman interview – Part 1/4)

 August 13, 2017

Five years ago the Monaco Business Society, led by Ivor Alex invited the artist Dodo Newman to Monaco’s Residents Club, the Club Residents Etrangers Monaco (CREM). Since then she has inspired many residents, International University of Monaco (IUM) MBA students as well she has created multiple artworks for the Princely family. She was also the person […]

People Who Make Monaco: Zsolt Szemerszky

 August 06, 2017

Online Monaco magazine CityOut Monaco made an interview with Zsolt Szemerszky, founder of Monaco Wealth Management and author of multiple, Monaco related books. Author of several Monaco-related books, Zsolt Szemerszky had been working in the international business arena for 16 years. A passionate admirer of the Principality and it’s cultural heritage, Zsolt decided to share […]

An interview with Jérôme Froissart, Secretary General of AMADE Mondiale

 July 09, 2017

AMADE’s work features many successes since 2000: more than 66,000 vulnerable children have received regular school education, over 50,000 children have been treated for or cured of disease and 3,200 children living on the streets have found new homes. Jérôme Froissart, what are the current projects of the child welfare organisation AMADE? Our current programmes focus on the social and professional reintegration of children […]

An ambitious woman who changed Monaco

 June 13, 2017

It sounded as an utopian dream to bring back something which does not exist since 200 years in Monaco. However as it is today and thanks to an ambitious dreamer, the Monaco resident Jessica Sbaraglia, the Principality is changing both mentally and physically. Monaco Wealth Management founder Zsolt Szemerszky created an inspiring interview with the […]

From his first job on the milkround to life as a Monaco millionaire: the late Sir Roger Moore on the subject of money

 May 25, 2017

Iconic James Band actor and Monaco resident Sir Roger Moore died at the age of 89 after a short battle with cancer. Married four times, lastly to Kristina Tholstrup (a millionaire in her own right), he leaves behind a fortune estimated at 58m Euro. In an entertaining 2012 interview he told Telegraph Money about his […]

Interview of Princess Charlene to a EWN (Eyewitness News)

 April 28, 2017

Princess Charlene of Monaco chatted to EWN Sports Editor Jean Smyth about her children, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques; the Laureus Sports Awards; her love for South Africa; as well as her sports foundation. Originally published by Hellen Electra at NewMyRoyals.com

Is Monaco still safe? One can raise the question after the dramatic Cartier robbery

 March 27, 2017

After the dramatic Cartier robbery in Monte Carlo followed by a horror of the fire at the famous Monaco Tunnel people might ask whether Monaco is really a safe place. For this occasion we asked Zsolt Szemerszky, the author of the Living in Monaco book. MWM: On Saturday afternoon (March 25) at 15.40 the luxurious Cartier jewelry shop […]

Jewellery’s Hidden Secrets: channelling the past to create modern mysteries – Interview with Nick Koss from Volund jewellery house

 March 19, 2017

While beautiful jewellery has always been synonymous with luxury, exceptional pieces have also been a source of mystery and intrigue. Revealing the secret language of jewellery from the past to the present day is Nick Koss, the founder and president of Volund, a Vancouver-based jewellery house. “I’ve always loved the ancient belief that the gods […]

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