Club Vivanova: Autumnal treats!

 November 02, 2015

Club Vivanova’s November repertoire commences with the exclusive Monte Carlo premiere of Vitamin Vodka at 8pm on 6 November at Modjo. Club Vivanova is launching the world’s first organic and vitamin-infused premium vodka in Port Fontvieille with a luxuryExperiencia Caviar degustation. Join Club Vivanova for a rare and unique gourmet experience: Guests will be served […]

Brad’s Thai Marinated Grilled Chicken Skewers

 October 30, 2015

These are very simple to prepare and excellent served with plain rice and Kimchi (Korean spiced cabbage). Cube 200 grams of chicken breast per person and prepare about two hours before cooking by marinating in the following: Ingredients 50 gms Soy Sauce 25 gms Roasted Sesame Seed Oil Finely chopped garlic (teaspoon per portion) Finely […]

This cracker sold for $32,000 after surviving the Titanic sinking

 October 29, 2015

WOULD you buy a biscuit for $32,000? Well, one collector in Greece did. Mind you, the ‘Spillers & Bakers Pilot’ cracker hasn’t had the typical ‘shelf life’ of a normal biscuit, it did survive the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 after all. The BBC reports that the biscuit was part of a collection from […]

Brad’s Seared Tuna and Scallop Tataki with Mango Chili Sauce

 October 26, 2015

Ingredients (serves four) 8 large scallops, cleaned 400 gms sashimi-quality tuna loin, cleaned 50 mls roasted sesame seed oil 50 mls soy sauce 10 gms wasabi For the Mango chili sauce 1 x mango 1 x chili 25 mls rice wine vinegar 50 gms red onion 1 x lime 50 gms coriander, fresh chopped Dash […]

Brad’s Lobster Salad Paired with Champagne Ingredients

 October 19, 2015

Brad’s Lobster Salad Paired with Champagne Ingredients (serves 5) 2 lemons 300 gms snow peas, halved 200 gms rhubarb, chopped 300 gms avocado, diced 50 gms roasted macadamia nuts Fine sea salt Freshly ground black pepper Four small live lobsters 50 gms basil leaves ½ cup top grade olive oil 50 gms aioli Method: Boil […]

Iconic Formula One racing driver David Coulthard​ MBE enjoying a glass of Rewen Estate Malbec 2013

 October 13, 2015

Iconic Formula One Racing Driver David Coulthard​ MBE enjoying a glass of Rewen Estate Malbec 2013 at our Club Vivanova​ event in Modjo Monac​o with Bradley Mitton​. Monaco’s preeminent lifestyle and gourmet event specialist Bradley Mitton (Club Vivanova & Mitton Wines) brought together again an illustrious group of VIP and special guests at Modjo Monaco. […]

Top 5 luxury ingredients

 October 10, 2015

Even as elite chefs continue to transform and reinvent traditional home-style cooking into high-end masterpieces, some ingredients remain genuine luxuries. Here’s a look at the top five classic foods and ingredients that will likely be considered a luxury for eons, as they have consistently been revered for their flavor and high price. Truffles Considered the […]

Try Your Vitamin Vodka With Brad’s Thai Sesame Chicken In Lettuce Cup

 October 08, 2015

Ingredients (serves 2) 30 ml sesame oil (roasted) 200 gms chicken breast , cleaned and diced small 20 gms shallots, diced small 20 gms celery, diced small 20 gms pistachio kernels , chopped in half 10 gms thai bird chilis, chopped 10 gms fresh basil, chopped 10 gms fresh coriander leaves, chopped 10 gms fresh […]

Chocolate Show in Monaco

 October 06, 2015

From 9 to 11 October, the second Chocolate Show is coming to the Fontvieille Big Top. The second Chocolate Show will take place at the Espace Fontvieille in Monaco from 9 to 11 October 2015. For three days, the Monaco Chocolate Show will showcase the originality and talent of designers and chocolatiers, with displays of […]

VIVANOVA Nights Monte Carlo . Champagne Party

 October 05, 2015

A brilliant group of Club Vivanova members and friends attended our VIVANOVA Nights Champagne Dinner Party on Friday 2nd October in Monte Carlo. The menu, service and Champagne were all excellent and it was a great pleasure to host such an enjoyable event. Appreciations to Christophe Gallas and Davide, the managers of Modjo Monaco for […]

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