Art is your Lamborghini!

 January 01, 2013

Recently, several economists have come out in favour of art. They consider art investment, a good way to diversify a portfolio because it does not fall, into the same category as more, traditional assets such as stocks, equity bonds and cash. Investment in art follows usual economic patterns. Art is in high demand because by […]

Discovering Emerging Artists

 January 01, 2013

The best chance of identifying the next Damien Hirst is to establish relationships with galleries and dealers who have successfully nurtured and promoted emerging artists, as well as visiting contemporary art fairs and museums. Sourcing artists responsible for pioneering new trends can be extremely rewarding financially. For example those who identified Chinese contemporary as a […]

Motivations to Invest in Art

 January 01, 2013

Diversification: An investment in art can be an effective tool to reduce the risk exposure of a carefully planned investment portfolio. This would be an ideal measure to employ during a period of market volatility. The prerequisite here, is top-quality art and a long-term view of 10 years or more. Research supports the ability of […]

Art is not for you, it is for your Children and for the Future generation

 January 01, 2013

Believe it or not, art is more than a means of decorating. An art masterpiece will be Unrepeatable and will remain there to inspire not only You, but the Future Generations as well. However it can be a form of investment as well. The first impression and the consciousness of mission of your business, or […]

The role of Art in modern Sales and Marketing

 January 01, 2013

The days of agressive sales strategies and of buying advertisements by their weight have expired. These were strategies of the 80s. There are two paths that lead to real results, to increase of income: a., to excel in something and to appear in a unique, creative way, b., to create sales strategies by recommendations. There […]

Is the art market experiencing a ‘global artistic renaissance’?

 January 01, 2013

Historically, the United States has dominated the art market since the 1950s. At the beginning of this century, the US represented roughly half the value of the global art market, with Christie’s and Sotheby’s at the bridgehead operating almost as a global duopoly. In New York and London these auction houses regularly generate sales over […]

Examples of how fast an artist’s popularity can rise

 January 01, 2013

India’s Subodh Gupta (b.1964) rose to 24th place in 2008 from 110th in 2007. His total turnover increased from Euro 852k in 2007 to Euro 5,5 million in 2008. Italy’s Rudolph Stingel (1956) experienced a similar meteoric rise from 96th place in 2007 to 21st place in the following year, turnover growing from Euro 964k […]

Investment for all seasons

 January 01, 2013

Current market instability highlights the need to consider investments that have been shown to yield healthy returns and retain their value over the long-term, inspire original thought, increase problem solving, boost self-confidence, encourage social networking and improve worker reliability, thus stimulating productivity and economic confidence. The art market has become comparatively transparent allowing access to […]

The Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Season

 June 27, 2012

The Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra has just announced its 2012-2013 program. Gianluigi Gelmetti, the Orchestra’s new advisory conductor, announced the 2012-2013 season this week. The program is rich and varied, and revolves around nine main themes: – The Great Season (concerts performed in the Salle des Princes at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco and the Auditorium Rainier […]

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