Michael Benyahia – The new generation of race drivers

 May 23, 2018

Michael Benyahia
Michael Benyahia / Photo: Venturi



The Monegasque VENTURI Formula E team was always very proud to raise and guide emerging young race drivers and support their ways to the very top of electric motorsport. One of their new unpolished diamond is Michael Benyahia who is already an important asset of the Monagasque team.

The Moroccan race driver Benyahia was born in Miami, USA where his family still resides. He joined Venturi in September 2017 and since January 2018 he lives in the Principality of Monaco.

Using his racing experiences from the Spanish Formula 3 and his driving skills polished through endless hours of go-kart racings, Benyahia makes simulator tests for Venturi.

His main task at the Venturi Formula E Team is to test out the software setups for the Formula E cars and to find out how each setup can work on the track once the car will be in the real -life environment.

You are a new resident in Monaco, how do you like the Principality?

I love it very much and I enjoy the fact that I literally 4 minutes walk from work.

How much testing do you make before each race?

The standard testing before each race is approximately 5 days, 6-7 hours a day. This is the timeframe which allows us to test as many setup possibilities as possible.

Are these tests realistic?

Obviously there are factors we can not simulate such as the G-force or the road cracks. Still we have many advance testing tools at Venturi in order to improve our race cars and by doing that to support our race drivers.

Do the drivers test as well or is it completely on your shoulders?

Of course all the drivers do testing as well. Normally I start the testings in advance and they join later. Usually the drivers test for an additional 3 days. We need these days because normally it takes weeks of hard works also from our engineers to prepare the cars. We are a very well functioning team. Basically all the magic starts behind the curtains.

You are very young but already in a position that requires a lot of responsibility. What are your ambitions for the future?

I recently started to test the new car as well, the Gen2. I hope that by bringing value to the Venturi Formula E Team I might have a future chance to gain a driving seat and to strengthen the Monaco colors with additional point to the Venturi Formula E Team.

Do you like the Gen2 car?

In a sense it is different because of the bigger battery and more power, but in my opinion it drives almost the same.

Since you did many hours of hard work with the settings for the Berlin ePrix, what is your race predictions?

I believe that both of our Venturi cars will be finish in the top 10. We did a great job on preparation and I am looking forward to celebrate a good race result.

Track walk with Maro Engel and Michael Benyahia at 2018 Formula E Championship, Rd09, Berlin e-prix, 18 May 2018 / Photo: ©ManoloMedia via Venturi

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