MEB meets Monaco Business Etranger Network

 May 15, 2018

MEB meets Monaco Business Etranger Network
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During the Monaco Economic Board’s Trade Missions to Sweden and again in Singapore at the Singapore Yacht Show, discussions with expatriate Monegasques and ‘Enfants du Pays’ proved rewarding and fruitful.

More than 150 people have already joined the Monaco Business Étranger network, all expats from the Principality working abroad or foreigners who have lived in Monaco. Run by the MEB, the network is like a global crossroads and helps everyone maintain ties with Monaco.

In Stockholm, the MEB delegation met Gustaf Göranson, Business Consultant with PA Consulting Group, and Henrik Rammer, a serial entrepreneur, who have returned to their home country having lived in Monaco where they maintain links. For the Swedes it was an opportunity to renew contacts with entrepreneurs from the Principality and get to know Monaco’s Consul in Stockholm, Olof Sjoström, who is an influential figure in the country.

“I was delighted to reconnect with Monaco on a business level and met some very interesting people, both from Monaco and Stockholm,” said Henrik Rammer.

In the Monegasque delegation, Fabrice Marquet, a former expat now Director of MonacoTech and still a network member, relished the chance to meet other members of this community which is present in 25 countries.

Meanwhile, 10,000km away in Singapore, as part of a promotional operation led by Monaco Invest with other Monegasque organisations attending the Singapore Yacht Show, another exchange took place. For the second year in a row, network members were able to link up with key players from Monaco, while the delegation benefited from their local knowledge.

There were several win-win discussions as Julien Klaveren, Global Market Sales Manager at JP Morgan in Singapore explained:

“The MEB network flies the Monaco brand flag and what it represents internationally to facilitate meetings between entrepreneurs, businessmen and artists from all over the world. Being supported by the Principality, even from the other side of the world, is motivating and makes one feel valued.”

Likewise for Ruchdi Hajjar, founder of three companies in Singapore:

“The network provides a unique platform connecting Monegasques and Enfants du Pays abroad and creates a network of mediators advocating the Principality’s remarkable values when it comes to business. It is the best vector for exporting the ‘Made in Monaco’ brand to a dynamic market like Asia.”

Lastly, for Yann le Moel, Managing Director Asia-Pacific at Constellium and a new member:

“Monaco Business Etranger aims to build productive networks, generate solidarity and establish bridges between Monaco and Asia on all aspects.”

Originally published at Monaco Economic Board


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