Lisa Vanderpump’s DJ brother is found dead of a suspected drug overdose

 May 14, 2018

Mark Vanderpump and Lisa Vanderpump
Mark Vanderpump and Lisa Vanderpump pictured together above in May 2015. / Photo: Daily Mail



TV queen and ex-Monaco resident Lisa Vanderpump’s brother has been found dead after a suspected drug overdose, has exclusively learned.

The body of 59-year-old Mark Vanderpump, who worked as a DJ, was discovered at his home in Gloucestershire, England, on April 30.

It is not yet clear whether the fatal overdose was accidental or deliberate.

Sources told that the reality TV restaurant mogul has been left devastated by her brother’s death and will be traveling to the UK for the funeral.

She has not been seen in public or on social media since hearing of Mark’s death and is understood to be focusing on the welfare of her two nephews.

In a statement released to, Vanderpump described the tragedy as ‘a shock to us all’ and said she had connected with her brother on April 29 – the day before his death.

She said:

‘This has come as a shock to us all. My brother and I had connected the day before this tragedy and I was completely unprepared for this.

‘He was my only sibling and I am shocked and saddened by his passing. I am trying to be supportive to his two young sons that he has left behind, and help them get through this tragedy.

‘We appreciate your consideration in this private and extremely difficult family time.’

Originally published at Daily Mail


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