92-year-old woman killed by a falling cactus

 May 12, 2018

92-year-old woman killed by a falling cactus
92-year-old woman killed by a falling cactus / Photo: Jean-François Ottonello via Nice Matin



A 92-year-old was killed by a falling giant cactus in the Principality of Monaco. The elderly woman died in the hospital and the judiciary is investigating possible manslaughter – reported by Nice Matin.

A 92-year-old woman, a native of Le Cannet in the Alpes-Maritimes, visiting the Principality of Monaco died Thursday night after a giant cactus fell on her during her walk near the casino. She was one of the five people walked on the stairs connecting the Casino with the Buddha Bar.

The causes of death still unknown as investigation for manslaughter is underway, explained Hervé Poinot, Deputy Attorney General of Monaco to Nice Matin.

The cactus apparently tore stones and a tree into the depths when it fell from a slope, as can be seen in a photo taken by Jean-François Ottonello.

The care of the site is the responsibility of SBM, a private company that also operates the largest hotels and casinos in the Principality.

Four others injured as well by the rare accident involving an extra large plant.



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