International high-level energy event in Monaco – “Revolutionary thinking”

 May 9, 2018

Energy Security For the Future Forum, Monaco



Monaco Wealth Management is  proud to be an official partner of the upcoming ENERGY SECURITY FOR THE FUTURE 2018, an international high-level energy event dedicated to advancing clean, secure, sustainable, and reliable energy sources held annually in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Founded in January 2016 by the President of Burisma Group Nikolay Zlochevskyi, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Aleksander Kwasniewski’s Foundation Amicus Europae, the Forum calls for continued close cooperation between all stakeholders to facilitate a smooth transition to renewable energy sources and ensure energy self-reliance.

Over the past three years, the event has become the ultimate platform for global energy change pushing for a single energy-safe market, alternative energy and innovative technologies.

In view of major events affecting the world, in 2018, the Forum’s slogan will be “Revolutionary thinking”.

Among the current speakers one can find highly influential people such as HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, alongside with presidents, prime ministers, senators and members of the parliament of various countries.


Issues for discussion:

  • Responsibility of Countries, Leaders and Corporations to Facilitate Energy security of Future Generations: Best Global practices
  • Business Models of Energy-efficient Economies: Interaction between Business and Government to ensure Energy-secure future for Everyone
  • Innovative Thinking and Technology in Global Security: Will energy industry become the driver of the world economy?

Selected speakers:

Energy Security For the Future Forum, Monaco Energy Security For the Future Forum, Monaco


Energy Security For the Future Forum, Monaco

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