Riot in Monaco! Will they ban Pog out of Monaco for life?

 May 6, 2018

PogForever caused a riot in Monaco
@PogForever caused a riot in Monaco



In a night with full of misunderstandings, millionaire car collector @PogForever caused a riot in the Principality of Monaco.

This year’s Top Marques Monaco celebrated its 15th Anniversary, however the weekend of the exhibition quickly escalated into a disaster. Thanks to multiple bad behaviours of the supercar owners the Monegasque police force collected over 80 supercars during Top Marques weekend.

One of the millionaires, the supercar collector and vlogger @PogForever went even further and his actions ended up in a riot in Monaco. But was it his fault?

It all started with MiniPog

The Principality of Monaco is considered one of the safest place on Earth with over 500 police officers to protect its 38.000 residents. Monaco has the largest police presence in the world on both per-capita and per-area basis.

Enjoying extraordinary security is a very positive advantage for its millionaire residents. Not to forget one in 3 residents are millionaires.

However on the night of Top Marques Monaco 2018 a lady stole an iconic sculpture (named MiniPog) from the millionaire Pog’s car, which was parked in front of Fairmont Monte-Carlo. The gnome called MiniPog usually accompanies Pog everywhere since two years now, so it is a highly important and personal item for its owner.

Since they could not find anything on the security cameras, the millionaire vlogger turned to the carspotting community of twenty something years old youngsters, who went to the Principality to make as much photos as possible of the supercars.


This one single Instagram post turned the carspotters in Monaco into gnomespotters.

Thanks to his loyal followers and the power of the social media, luckily Pog soon received a promising answer and with the help of the carspotting community MiniPog was returned to its rightful owner.


The suspect for stealing MiniPog


Was there a Riot?

Later that night the car spotting community celebrated the return of MiniPog, however the fact that the crowd closed the road at the famous Mirabeau corner and created highly intense noise triggered a police response.

PogForever caused a riot in Monaco

@PogForever caused a riot in Monaco

As multiple photos show there were hundreds of teenagers blocking the road. They are the carspotters who came to Monaco to capture their dream cars. A relatively young and mostly harmless group of bloggers and vloggers.

The euphoric crowd celebrated the power of its community and the quick recovery of the stolen MiniPog.

The huge misunderstanding

This was also the moment when Pog caused the biggest misunderstanding, which might lead to his banning from Monaco. He seemingly showed “Fuck you!” to the Monegasque police officers.

One carspotter created an Instagram post stating that @PogForever showed a “Fuck the Police” gesture.

PogForever caused a riot in Monaco

The misunderstanding…

It was a huge misrepresentation of the situation as anyone can see it from a different angle.

In reality Pog only showed the sign of Victory celebrating the effort of the carspotting for their help to return his iconic gnome, MiniPog. So do not judge the book based on its cover because every coin has two sides.

PogForever caused a riot in Monaco

The real sign…

Explaining the situation Pog also highlights that the carspotters should be more chilled and should understand that the residents of Monaco do not want to see partying youngsters on the streets of the Principality.

Pog created this Youtube video below to ensure his perspective on the events. One can decide whether it was a riot or a simple misunderstanding.

What is interesting is that Pog also highlights that there were many dangerous situations, caused be supercar drivers and he believes that the Police just did what they are supposed to do, which is to enforce the law.

However in some cases just as in the photo below, when irresponsible supercar owners actually risked the life of many spectators, just by simply collecting their cars does not seem to be enough. These supercar owners created situations, which were just moments away from a larger tragedy in a place where most of the visitors were children.

PogForever caused a riot in Monaco

Idiot supercar drivers created dangerous situations

That weekend the Police collected over 80 supercars and whether people liked it or not the Monegasque Police kept the order in the streets of Monaco.

The organizers of Top Marques Monaco were not thrilled:

“Such people throw a bad light on our event,” says PR spokeswoman Suzanna Chambers. “These people just come to Monaco to pose with their cars.”

Yes, the Pog story might be an exception but overall the Monegasque Police made the streets safer.

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