Fire from a Cigarette Butt Incapacitates a Brave Fireman

 March 7, 2018

Photo via Hello Monaco



Monaco’s leading Russian newspaper Hello Monaco published a reportage on the latest crimes in the Principality, titled as “The Wheels of Justice turn for offenses committed in Monaco“.

A very sad case resulting in the serious injury of a fireman on April 30th, 2016 led on appeal to suspended jail sentences for a Monegasque couple in Fontvieille and stiff fines and penalties. The husband under examination by the court admitted to having a lighted cigarette with him on descending to the basement of the building to fetch an appliance. He denied leaving the cigarette butt there. A fire resulted that led to the Fire department sending in a team of four firemen. One of the firemen, visually impaired by the thick smoke, was severely injured on touching a live wire connection.

The Court was not impressed with a comment by the defence trying to mitigate the blame by putting the responsibility on the firemen for disconnecting the electricity. They were praised for preventing the building from burning down. SMEG had already been alerted.

Six-month suspended jail sentences for the couple were reaffirmed. 20.000 euros in compensation and damages for the firefighter and 5.000 euros for his wife. A 58.309 euro claim by the State was also approved. In addition, the couple were ordered to repair the damage from the fire.

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