Vadim Vasilyev to sit on UEFA’s Club Competitions Committee

 March 2, 2018

Vadim Vasilyev
Vadim Vasilyev / Photo: AS Monaco - Stéphane Senaux



Vadim Vasilyev, the club’s Vice-President & CEO, has been appointed by the European Clubs Association (ECA) to sit on UEFA’s Club Competitions Committee.

Vadim Vasilyev has been appointed to UEFA’s Club Competitions Committee. AS Monaco’s Vice-President & CEO was put forward by the European Club Association (ECA).

The appointment has been confirmed by UEFA’s Executive Committee and is now effective. UEFA’s Club Competitions Committee oversees the organisations, rules and development of European club competitions.

Andre Agnelli (Juventus), Ed Woodward (Manchester United) and Josep Maria Bartomeu (FC Barcelona) are also among the 19 members of the committee.

Here is what Vadim Vasilyev had to say:

“UEFA’s Club Competitions Committee is essential to the future of these competitions and for the clubs involved in them, and I am very proud to be a part of it. I will devote all my energy to defending the interests of these competitions, of course, but also the interests of French football in the coming changes.”

Vadim Vasilyev

Photo: AS Monaco

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