Justin Bieber is selling his own religious painting on Instagram

 January 4, 2018

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber / Photo: Getty Images via artnet News



Britney Spears isn’t the only pop star painting for charity, Justin Bieber can now add painter to his résumé.

On Instagram, Bieber posted a painting, titled Calvary, of a cross apparently atop Mount Golgotha as smoke from the wildfires rises in the distance (or a cooling rain puts them out, or something); all proceeds from the work’s sale, he says, will go to “wildfires in CA.” One assumes that means the victims, firefighters, or perhaps the rebuilding efforts.

The painting is titled Calvary, and the post about it has already racked up over a million and a half likes.

Selling this painting I did called “Calvary” ALL PROCEEDS GO TO WILDFIRES IN CA

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It’s unclear how one might go about purchasing the work, however as W Magazine suggested, maybe the best route is to direct message him.

Originally published at artnet News and W Magazine


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