Freedom Debt Relief reviews the best new finance tips you probably haven’t heard before

 November 30, 2017

Freedom Debt Relief



When it comes to money management and finance tips, chances are pretty good that you’ve heard a lot of the same old advice again and again- after all, who doesn’t already know that they should be living within their means if they’re in debt?

Freedom Debt Relief reviews the latest and greatest financial advice and wants you to have the details – we took some of the top tips from this year’s FinCon, the world’s largest financial content conventions. Here’s a few of the best money management tips we learned from the experts at FinCon- and how you can apply them to your life!

Use tech to protect yourself. In light of the Equifax fiasco (in which hundreds of thousands of customers had their private data released to hackers), Freedom Debt Relief Reviews found that a large number of FinCon participants were eager to learn more about how they can keep their social security number, bank account numbers, and other sensitive information. One of the top recommendations was to sign up for a credit and data monitoring service like EverSafe, which alerts customers when their accounts are accessed in an foreign area or a pattern of unusual spending that can help alert consumers to fraud early- so it can be cleared up fast.

Business owners beware. Freedom Debt Relief reviews that many small business owners choose a business debit account over a traditional business credit card when starting out on a new endeavor because they are afraid of building up debt. New advice from FinCon says that this cautiousness can actually land entrepreneurs in more hot water, since business debit accounts are not protected by federal laws limiting liability- which means that they may not be insured should the card be stolen or used fraudulently.

Take control of your health. If you’re having trouble choosing a health care plan under the Affordable Care Act, you’re not alone- Freedom Debt Relief reviews that the federal government has provided very limited guidance differentiating between plans, instead relying on the consumer to do their own research and pick on their own. Take Command Health makes picking a plan easier, allowing users to answer a set of predetermined Turbo-Tax like questions, and then recommends a plan that suits your needs. Best of all, Take Command Health is free, only making money through commission if you purchase a plan through the site.

Maximize your rewards. Though many apps in the past have attempted to help consumers maximize their rewards, but new competition Birch Finance may have finally perfected the process. By tracking your spending habits and displaying opportunities to save neatly on your phone’s screen, Birch is able to make suggestions customized to your unique patterns of behavior in one convenient place. FinCon convention goers also loved that the app goes out of its way to avoid storing your personal data; Birch Finance encrypts your data once it begins tracking your accounts, making it unidentifiable to hackers and other potential threats. In a post Equifax-hack world, we think that’s a pretty big deal.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews that when it comes to personal finances, the best route to follow to maintain a high level of credit and monetary health is to follow simple and timeless rules while also leaving a little leeway to try out a new trick or two once it comes along. While you should be sure to base your financial strategy around saving and making smart investments, the best accounts leave a little room for fun risks every year. Try giving some of these new money tricks a try in your home- and see what works for you!


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