Brad Pitt and Princess Charlotte moving to London as their fairytale romance heats up!

 November 29, 2017

Brad Pitt and Princess Charlotte
Brad Pitt and Princess Charlotte / Photo via New Idea



It’s the royal romance that has shocked the world – and now Brad Pitt and Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco are set to take things to the next level – states New Idea Magazine.

However we would like to immediately discredit this gossip news since Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco is in London with her boyfriend Dimitri Rassam. The couple, Charlotte and Dimitri are spending time there since they were guests of  the wedding of Prince Christian of Hanover. Furthermore this news was already discredited two weeks ago: Brad Pitt is NOT dating Princess Charlotte of Monaco.

For gossip lovers here is the original article by New Idea without any confirmed grounds:

Earlier this month the couple made their first public appearance at the same LA event, prompting friends to confirm that the A-list star had been quietly seeing the beautiful royal for several weeks.

Now it seems Brad, 53, is set to move to London so he can be ‘a lot closer’ to 31-year-old Charlotte – the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco and granddaughter of actress Grace Kelly – as their fairytale romance heats up.

‘Brad is heading over to the UK to film World War Z 2 – and he couldn’t be happier about that,’ says a source. ‘He’ll be in London for the first three months of 2018 and, given that he’ll be a hop, skip and a jump from Monaco, it means he and Charlotte can spend a lot more time together.

‘They’re still keen to keep their romance on the down-low, but it will be much easier to spend weekends and nights together when they’re on the same continent. He’s even thinking Charlotte might come and stay with him while he’s filming for a few weeks.

‘It’ll be like moving in together – but not as formal. He can’t wait to get to know Charlotte even more and get a lot closer.’

It’s been nearly a month since Brad and Charlotte set tongues wagging after they were ‘inseparable’ at a gala event in Hollywood, with sources noting it was ‘nice to see him smiling again’ after his high-profile split from wife Angelina Jolie.

Since then, insiders say the pair’s feelings for one another ‘have only grown stronger’ and that spending the beginning of 2018 together in the UK will be like ‘a dream come true’.

But in an interesting twist, it seems Ange is also moving to London at the same time as her ex to film Maleficent 2 – and is bringing their six kids with her. But while having your ex in the picture would be considered a complication for some, sources say Brad couldn’t be happier.

‘Brad is actually excited that Ange and the kids will be there because he will hopefully see the kids a lot more too – and he can introduce them to Charlotte,’ says the source.

‘Charlotte is a mum as well and has a little boy from her previous relationship, so Brad has big ideas about all the kids meeting up and playing.

‘That would be almost impossible to organise in LA – but hopefully it’ll be a lot easier to coordinate when he’s in London, given that he’s so close to Monaco.

‘At first he was worried that Ange would be jealous over Charlotte because she’s younger and is also royalty – but in the end, he doesn’t care. He’s happy and that’s what matters.’

Charlotte Casiraghi attended LACMA 2017 Art + Film gala

Charlotte Casiraghi attended LACMA 2017 Art + Film gala / Photo via

Originally published at New Idea

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