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 October 7, 2017

Bluefin tuna
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The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is the South East regional coordinator for the „Mr Goodfish“ campaign to promote the responsible consumption of seafood.

In association with the Mare Nostrum aquarium and the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is making hotel professionals, chefs, fishermen and restaurant owners aware of the issue of sustainability. They propose and clearly indicate which seafood products are preferable for selection for consumption.

The goal of this initiative, which is already hugely successful in the Channel and North Sea areas, is to offer an alternative to consumers by encouraging them to try new species selected from a list established by the „Mr Goodfish“ campaign.

“WWF applauds Monaco for becoming the first country in the world to be entirely free of endangered Mediterranean bluefin tuna.”
– Dr Sergi Tudela
Head of Fisheries at WWF Mediterranean

The selection of suggested fish is planned at each change of season according to the region, the state of the resource, the size and the status of the species (protected or not). The incentive enables followers to purchase fresh fish and at the same time preserve the resources of the sea.

Many iconic chefs and restaurants follow the commitment of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, which concerns itself with global sustainability and the environment.

Committed since its creation to the preservation of endangered marine species and in particular the bluefin tuna, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation coordinates the development of the „Mr Goodfish“ campaign along the Mediterranean coast.

The WWF recently congratulated Monaco for being the first territory in the world to achieve bluefin-free status as all restaurants, retailers and chefs in the Principality of Monaco have removed endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna from their shelves and menus until stocks of the fish have recovered and the fisheries and trade are managed in a sustainable way.

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