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 October 6, 2017

TEDxMonteCarlo / Photo via Grimaldi Forum



The second edition of TEDxMonteCarlo is back to inspire you! Taking place on the 11th of November 2017 at the Grimaldi Forum, the TEDxMonteCarlo team is excited to prepare an exalting one-day event with the intriguing theme of “License to Know”.

Over 16 captivating speakers, both local and international, are preparing to invigorate your minds with provocative talks on front-page topics such as: entrepreneurship, safety, security and transparency.  Their ideas will challenge the status quo and deliver new solutions to our changing times. From innovators to chess players, and entrepreneurs to doctors, this year’s edition of TEDxMonteCarlo offers you the “License to Know”. Experts from different domains will answer some of the most pertinent questions, such as: How far has artificial intelligence progressed and where is it going? How can we live in a safe and secure world and what are the tools available to us? Is cyber security really ‘safe’? How do we effectively use social media without jeopardizing our privacy and safety? Can anyone be an entrepreneur or make a difference?

Following last year’s huge success, TEDxMonteCarlo 2017 is scaling up to host more than 600 attendees. Ticket prices will be 88 euros and they will go on sale in July 2017.

For those unfamiliar with TED, it started as a small nonprofit, in 1984, bringing people together to share “Ideas Worth Spreading” from three disciplines – Technology, Entertainment and Design.  These ideas are shared in the form of a story or “TED Talk”, which last a maximum of 18 minutes.  Since its inception, TED conferences have included speakers like Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, and Quincy Jones who have spoken alongside athletes and grass root musicians.

“TED has created a product that’s sophisticated, popular, lucrative, socially conscious, and wildly pervasive.” – The New Yorker

The desire to improve the world through innovation is at the heart of Monaco.  Ruled by one of the oldest monarchies in Europe, Monaco is home to over 120 nationalities and leads the world in the exploration of renewable energy, whilst also being a pioneer in environmental ocean and research, carbon neutrality, and sustainability.

It is the mission of TEDxMonteCarlo to connect the community, inspire innovation, and foster visionary ideas within the community. We aim to bring thinkers, dreamers and visionaries together.

Originally published at Grimaldi Forum


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