Screen icon Grace Kelly’s 19-year-old granddaughter stuns her Instagram followers with her resemblance to the princess (but that cigarette isn’t very regal)

 October 6, 2017

Camille Gottlieb - Grace Kelly
Camille has the same high cheekbones and arched brows as her grandmother (right), making her a dead ringer for the Hollywood star



They say good looks run in the family, and that certainly seems to  be the case with this new social media star.

Grace Kelly’s granddaughter, Camille Gottilieb, 19, has gained a loyal fan base thanks to her glamorous Instagram shots amassing 24,000 followers.

And in one of her latest striking selfies followers couldn’t help but notice the uncanny similarities between the teen and her iconic grandmother.

Camille Gottlieb

Camille Gottilieb, 19, Grace Kelly’s granddaughter flaunts her vintage Hollywood red lips and piercing blue eyes / Photo via Instagram

Grace Kelly

The resemblance between the pair is uncanny; Camille has inherited Grace’s heart-shaped face and plump lips, and even appears to have copied her grandmother’s smoking pose / Photo via Daily Mail

With deep red lips, porcelain skin and piercing blue eyes, Camille looks the spitting image of the Hollywood screen star.

The photo where she had a cigarette dangling from her lips prompted a string of comments from admirers noting the likeliness between the two women.

Camille Gottlieb - Grace Kelly

Camille, who is just 19, has the exact same skin tone and eyes as her grandmother Grace Kelly

One follower wrote: ‘mismo glamour de su abuela Grace. Está preciosa (She has the same glamour as her grandmother Grace. It’s precious).’

Agreeing, another commented: ‘Igual que Grace..!! Tu abuela vive en ti linda. (exactly the same as Grace!! Your grandmother lives in your beauty.’

Camille Gottlieb - Grace Kelly

Camille has the same camera-ready appearance that her grandmother was famous for, and appears to be more than happy in front of the cameras

But while fans are impressed with Camille’s beauty, they were less entranced by her smoking habit.

Writes one: ‘Beautiful young lady…but that thing in her mouth is disgusting…’

Another added: ‘Very beautiful but the cigarette is too much.’

Camille Gottlieb

Camille has 23,000 followers on Instagram and is regularly told how much she looks like her grandmother / Photo via Instagram

The teen beauty is the youngest daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, 52. She has a half-brother and half-sister – Louis, 24, and Pauline, 23 – whose father is Daniel Ducruet.

Though he was not named on her birth certificate, Camille’s father is widely understood to be Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, with whom the teenager shares a surname.

Jean-Raymond is a former Paris gendarme and ski instructor who once headed up Princess Stephanie’s security team at the Monaco Royal Palace, which is where he met the royal and began his relationship with her.

While he might not be officially named as her father on Camille’s birth certificate, the teen certainly doesn’t seem to have any problems proclaiming herself to be his daughter on social media.

Over the years, she has shared numerous images of the pair on her Instagram account, always happily referring to him as her father.

Princess Stephanie - Camille Gottlieb

Family first: Camille’s mother is Princess Stephanie of Monaco, 52, the youngest child of Prince Rainier and Grace / Photo via Instagram

Stephanie gave birth to Camille two years after divorcing Daniel, the father of her elder children, Camille’s half siblings, Louis, and Pauline.

And while Louis has maintained a somewhat low profile on social media, his younger sister Pauline seems almost as enthusiastic about Instagram has her half sibling.

Indeed, the two have posed for several selfies together in the past – although Pauline is currently based in New York City, meaning the girls don’t have as much of a chance to bond, or snap pictures.

Pauline did take the chance to share a tribute to her sister on Instagram back in July, however, in honor of her younger sibling’s 19th birthday, sharing several images of the two of them together – as well as a cute baby picture, and a sweet celebratory message.

Grace was an acting icon of the 1950s and noted for her natural beauty and in 1956, Kelly became Princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainier III.

She died in September 1982 after driving around a hairpin curve in Monaco and crashing, with her 17-year-old daughter Stephanie in the vehicle.

Princess Stephanie, now 52, suffered multiple injuries in the crash in 1982 – including broken ribs, three cervical fractures and a shattered collarbone – which occurred when Princess Grace was driving home to the palace with her daughter.


Originally published at Mail Online

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