Monaco court: criminal flat: “It was to eat”

 September 7, 2017



Chief editor of, Olga Taran reports from the court of the Principality on Monaco.

A Moroccan of 19 years confessed to an atypical criminal journey before the criminal court. The judges sentenced him to ten months’ imprisonment! Arriving for the first time in Monaco on 25 August, from Paris, he burgled an apartment at 3pm. A laptop, eight gold chains, four valuable watches, headphones, a camera, a mobile phone, two passports, and a knife were stolen. The damage is estimated at € 34,895. He resold a large part of the takings for the sum of 300 €, in Nice. Three days later, on 28 August, around 2:00 am, the police were alerted: a robbery was committed at a restaurant at the Larvotto. A window was broken, the cash drawer emptied of some 300 € in notes and many coins. A mobile phone had also disappeared. Ten minutes later, the investigators were intrigued by the sound of a broken window.  They noticed a young man walking on the beach. The officials found numerous notes and coins still in rolls for a total of 1,162.40 euros as well as some food items on the accused. During his custody he admitted all the alleged offenses regarding theft.

Methodically, the Judge wanted to know the reasons for such a journey. The inmate replied sparingly. “I came to visit Monaco. I was able to climb on the terrace of the building with a ladder and thanks to the scaffolding. The windows were open. The money was for eating and lodging. I returned the next day, but it was not to steal …”

The magistrate immediately pointed out: “Yet. As you are homeless you have squatted for the night. And the next day, between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm, you broke into the restaurant to empty the cash drawer and take the money from the tips. Not much later, you broke the door of a shop with a stone and you stole 400 €. Then you broke a window. Notes and coins have been found on you.” The accused was confused in his accounts: “600 € belonged to me, plus the 300 € of the sale: 272.40 €. Everything that was stolen I left in my pocket!”

The Judge went on: “You were caught in Switzerland under a different surname. According to Interpol, your DNA corresponds to a theft in Zurich and you have been caught again in Germany. As in France, for that matter. But your files are clean.”

This was enough to make the prosecutor jump. “The sentence must be strong and firm because the facts are serious. We have finished with joking and making a career out of lucrative delinquency: twelve months in prison!”

The defence went for the heart strings. “My client fled the misery of his country at 16 years old. He is undocumented. He does not want pity. He sold his takings for 300 € to eat. Give him a chance.”

The court slightly reduced the prosecution’s demands and awarded the sum of € 34,895 to the civil party.

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