Real or fake bill?

 July 14, 2017

Nikki Beach
Nikki Beach / Photo: Cyril Dodergny



Another great reportage on Monaco’s crime scene by Olga Taran, editor of The original article is available at: Top 2 Monaco criminal news: fake bill and cocaine use.

A bill for about 155,000 € at the Grand Prix, can it be real? The photo of a bill of service from Nikki Beach, an establishment of the Fairmont Monte-Carlo, circulated on Social Media recently. It was broadcast by a Kazakh celebrity.

The Monegasque establishment was however careful not to confirm… or to deny its veracity. On Instagram, Marina Slobodyanik, a TV presenter and journalist from Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, has published the picture of a bill of sale at a dizzying sum: 154,953 €! It is dated 26 May, the day the Grand Prix races began. The customer ordered a Midas Armand bottle from Brignac in double Nabuchodonosor 30 litres at the price of 130,000 €. What else? A bottle of whiskey: a Chivas Regal Royal Salute 62 Gun 100 for 12,350€. Still? A Clase Azul Ultra tequila at 10,500 €. As it was very hot and (probably the alcohol didn’t help) was starting to hit, 14 caps at 75 € each were ordered for the guests. In short, we arrive at the hefty sum of 154,953 €.

Nikki Beach fake bill

Nikki Beach bill. Real or Fake? / Photo via Instagram, Marina Slobodyanik

After being contacted, the institution’s communication department refused to confirm or to invalidate this document.

“There were 1,500 people in the building, lots of groups,” that’s all we know. And to confirm however that these bottles are part of the Nikki Beach ‘Collection’ which are “the most expensive”.

And that “nothing is impossible” in Monaco, at the Fairmont. Precautions to protect the “privacy” of its customers and, no doubt also, to avoid buzz, either good or bad.

The story does not say if Maxime, the first name of the server on the bill, received a tip at the height of the benefits. One recalls that in 2012, a bill for 107,524 € from the restaurant Nikki Beach, in Saint-Tropez, had ignited the social media outlets.

It had even been attributed to Nicolas Sarkozy and his entourage. Experts in the field dissected this note by comparing prices to the menu. They finally proved it was false!

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