D’Joya, world-class high jewellery creator, comes to Monaco to showcase their rare artwork

 April 10, 2017

D'joya Dumbo ring



The UK-based art jewellery collective is set to come and impress Monaco for the second time at this year’s Top Marques Monaco luxury lifestyle show.

From the 20th to the 23rd of April 2017, Monaco will be given a rare chance to discover the latest creations by D’Joya, an exclusive art jewellery group that showcases its artworks only by appointment or through carefully selected, top-end art and luxury events.

Each of D’Joya’s inimitable, one-of a-kind pieces is an ingenious ode to life that effortlessly evokes a vibrant story.

D'joya Gloucester cathedral bracelet

Their inspiration comes from art – by Van Gogh, Klimt, Gaudi, Klee, M. C. Escher and many more – as well as nature, fables and stories, emotions and culture. D’Joya’s world-class technical know-how enables them to express their art in styles and designs as diverse as their muses are. Each piece has a story whose universal and timeless appeal makes it a wonderful heirloom.

D'Joya Sainte chapelle

This will be D’Joya’s second visit to Top Marques Monaco, and this year, this remarkable team of artists/designers will be showcasing, among other pieces, the free-flowing, elegant Tree Nursery Bracelet, which, with its burnished colours assembled in an irregular grid pattern, pays homage to Paul Klee’s striking Tree Nursery painting. Loose in structure, this artwork features 430 stunning diamonds and demonstrates the designers’ and workmen’s inspired creative genius and skill.

D'Joya Tree Nursery Bracelet

Tree Nursery Bracelet by D’Joya


If you plan on being in Monaco between 20-23 April 2017, it is definitely worth visiting D’Joya at Top Marques, which will take over most of the Grimaldi Forum, to enjoy the privilege of experiencing first-hand the incredibly fine and soulful work they will be showcasing.

D'Joya St Peter's square ring

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