Bradley Mitton shares the secrets of his successful Monaco Galas

 February 25, 2017



HelloMonaco the online news magazine managed by Olga Taran excells in unique interviews. In her current column Ms Taran interviewed Club Vivanova founder Bradley Mitton.

As we previously reported  Monaco Wealth Management also supports Club Vivanova and it offered an exceptional art lot (LOT 04 – artwork by Dodo Newman) for the benefit of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. The auction will be Held on the 11th March 2017 within the frame of the annual Club Vivanova Luxury Gala night at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo. (Click to reserve a ticket)

The Hello Monaco interview

In the Hello Monaco interview Bradley Mitton and reveal details about his planned Gala of Vivanova and what makes his events so special.

As the Gala Dinner of Club Vivanova on 11th March is approaching, chief editor of HelloMonaco, Olga Taran, met with the owner and founder of the Club Vivanova, the elegant English businessman Bradley Mitton. He told us more about the programme and participants of the event and shared some of the secrets of his successful Galas.

Our gala is not the kind of party where people are sitting around not talking to each other and I’ve been to plenty of galas where I’ve just talked to the person sitting next to me. At our gala, networking is encouraged. We introduce people and inspire them to go around and visit different tables, and to expand their professional and personal network.

We have members and partners from all sectors of business: we have haute couture fashion, luxury cars, we have fine art, international banking and yachting, we have press from different countries, charities, and marketing companies plus an array of other business partners. It is also important to note that we choose to work with people who are active professionally in the Monaco region, genuine business people. I think when you bring all those similar-minded people together into one room and you all work towards one common goal, it can bring great success.

Click to read the full interview at Hello Monaco


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