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 February 18, 2017



For the third year running, Bradley Mitton and Club Vivanova organise their Luxury Lifestyle Charity Gala.

“We are the results of our actions and we only achieve great things in life by giving back and this gala is being organised to offer you the chance to donate to worthy, local and life-changing charities.”

The annual Luxury Gala organised by Club Vivanova, Fairmont Monte-Carlo and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation will be held on the 11th March 2017 where eclectic group of ambassadors and distinguished international business leaders will be escorted across a red carpet entrance to enjoy a gourmet dinner with entertainment and haute couture fashion show in the Salle d’or Ballroom. (Click to reserve a ticket)

As it’s tradition goes back the black-tie dinner has a special fundraising program as well for the benefits of three local, Monaco based charities thanks to the event partners and the over 400 special guests of the evening.

80.000 Euro worth donation items were already pre-donated by the VIP partners to support these charities. One of these items is a unique artwork by Dodo Newman, the donation offer of Monaco Wealth Management.

The benefactors this year are:

The auction offers various unique items from luxury superyacht charter and getaway trips to even a submarine dive at the Bahamas. Very unique items, for unique people with exceptional taste. The VIP partner, Monaco Wealth Management, the Principality‘s unbiased business and wealth itinerary is offering a meaningful and long term enjoyable item which relates to The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the The Animal Fund.

The LOT #04 – “Sunrise in Iceland” is an artwork created by the artist Dodo Newman. One can see the resemblance in the artwork to the main goals of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. The water colours relate to the protection of the Ocean as well as to Monaco‘s „Mr Goodfish“ campaign. The gold paint reflects the light of the Sun that rises on the water.

100% of the proceeds of the  80 cm x 100 cm long artwork on canvas, created with Gold paint, acrylic, oil and paper will benefit the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

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Club Vivanova . Living Rare & Unique Gourmet Experiences

Club Vivanova has become the fastest growing and most successful wine and dine club in Monaco and the French Riviera.

Founder Bradley Mitton continues to astound his members and guests with unique and luxurious locations combining gourmet cuisine and fine wines, whilst offering excellent business networking opportunities. He has an excellent reputation in Europe’s luxury food and beverage sector and his members are a niche group of international professionals and business leaders in the region.

Join Club Vivanova and take advantage of our luxurious member benefits. Membership is €120 for one year and includes a complimentary pack of three premium New World wines delivered.

“Mr Goodfish”

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is the South East regional coordinator for the „Mr Goodfish“ campaign to promote the responsible consumption of seafood.

The goal of this initiative, which is already hugely successful in the Channel and North Sea areas, is to offer an alternative to consumers by encouraging them to try new species selected from a list established by the „Mr Goodfish“ campaign.

As the Signature Dishes of the Principality of Monaco book already promote it, many iconic chefs and restaurants follow the commitment of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, which concerns itself with global sustainability and the environment.

The WWF recently congratulated Monaco for being the first territory in the world to achieve bluefin-free status as all restaurants, retailers and chefs in the Principality of Monaco have removed endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna from their shelves and menus until stocks of the fish have recovered and the fisheries and trade are managed in a sustainable way.

The Monaco connection of the artist

Artist, author and inventor Dodo Newman is already known by many of the residents of Monaco. Her passion are the stories behind each work she creates, her own life story as well as the story of the work itself. It is these stories that give value, credibility and that make these works live forever in time for the future.

She also motivated people at the International University of Monaco, the Club des Résidents Etrangers de Monaco « CREM » and the Monaco Business Society to find inspiration in their life.

HSH Princess Charlène of Monaco also owns two of the artworks by Dodo Newman. One of them was created for Princess Charlène to celebrate her love with Prince Albert. The royal jewelry-artwork, covered with diamonds is a celebration of love, birth and death with the Princess‘s favourite purple colours.

The 3 meter long artwork was cut in half by the artist. The two pieces which complement each other, have a special wave cut in the middle of the composition, representing the endless ocean and the forever bonding love. Therefore the two complementary pieces fold together just as the „A“ and the „C“ in Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène and His Serene Highness Prince Albert II‘s dual cypher.

Interestingly, since Dodo was 4 months pregnant during the creation of this work when she implemented the diamonds in each sides of it, she wished the birth of a new life for HSH Princess Charlène as well. This was an element that added to the inner beauty and its uniqueness of the work.

Two years passed since the creation of the artwork and the news ran around the world like fire that the 36-year-old South African Princess was expecting twins to deliver in December 2014. Princess Charlène gave birth to HSH Prince Jacques Honoré Rainier and HSH Princess Gabriella Thérèse Marie in December 10th 2014. Dodo’s prediction from 2012 came into reality.

A year later and utilising the remaining materials of the Princely artwork, Dodo Newman envisioned another Monaco related commemoration, an ultra-luxury watch with the ultimate aim to celebrate Life and Love in one masterpiece.

This special watch design transmits the desire for elegance, ultra-luxury and “living the fairytale” contained in a sparkling and glamorous surface, which offers changing shades with the play of different light and shadows. Each timepiece has a unique and unrepeatable surface, as its own individual DNA, because of the original provenance of the related collectible item that has been chosen in to the Top of the Ultra-luxury world list.


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