Warrant Issued: International Fraudster at large

 February 10, 2017

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A deceased person who continues to receive her retirement pension money is a surprising feat. A fraudster took intricate steps in order to obtain pension money for his mother who has been deceased for a long time! At the court hearing, the defendant, who is of Greek or Lebanese nationality, is absent. He appears to have been born in either 1954 or 1953: two different birth years? Seems suspicious. Finally, he has no known domicile: which seems very suspicious! In the end, the “phantom” defendant has been sentenced by default to one year in prison with a warrant of arrest. He will also have to repay the social funds amounting to the sum of 6,900 euros.

This story quickly surpasses the status of an anecdote. A woman briefly worked in the Principality and logically benefited from a retirement pension. But to receive the payments, one has to annually apply for a certificate of existence completed by the town hall of the applicant’s place of residence. In addition, the deceased woman’s daughter paid her mother a subsidy of 6,500 euros monthly. Since 2012, both have regularly received the administrative form to testify to her mother’s existence.

Doubts began to arise in the mind of the daughter because she never received news from her mother and the signature of her mother looked different. As this elderly lady went to live with her son from her first marriage (the defendant), the complainant sought information from the town hall. The answer was clear: her mother died four years ago. On its part, the C.A.R. also approached the same municipality to verify the document of life.

“The accused has disappeared,” said Prosecutor Florestan Bellinzona. “He has not been found yet! As the crook had power of attorney on his mother’s account, all her funds were drawn. The girl did not constitute a civil party and she will never get the 60,000 euros she paid to her ‘mother’ back.” Franck Michel on behalf of Social Funds, said, “Reclaim the 6,938.04 euros. It appears that this man had found the golden goose. The offenses were almost perfect.” Prosecutor Alexia Brianti stated, “He used stamp and signature to make false documents in order to continue to unduly collect pension money. While taking care to empty this mother’s bank account before the victims realize the subterfuge. He is the subject of several arrest warrants issued by Greek authorities for fraud. He is a fraud pro on an international scale who has multiple false identities…” The court sentenced the man to one year of prison with a warrant of arrest.

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