Campaign to Reintroduce the Sea Horse into Monaco’s Marine Reserve

 February 3, 2016



The Prince Albert II Foundation is launching a participatory financing campaign via Monaco Crowdfunding, with the aim of reintroducing a species of sea horse in Larvotto.

The sea horse is currently threatened with extinction.  It is subjected to many different problems (such as pollution, the destruction of its natural habitat, accidental capture by fishermen, and removal for private aquariums).

Extensive research has been carried out to stem the decline in the population in the Mediterranean.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, in partnership with the Paul Ricard Institute, has developed a program to reintroduce specimens into the Larvotto marine reserve to encourage the establishment of a population of "Hippocampus hippocampus" on the Monegasque coast.

The Foundation wished to call upon the generosity of the public through crowdfunding.  Several types of financing are possible.

Approximately 70 sea horses will be reintroduced in 2016.  As soon as they have become acclimatized to their new environment, these sea horses will be able to reproduce.

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